Our Core Services

We communicate complex ideas in a way that’s simple, and easy to understand.

We are an Innovative & Award-winning Singapore Creative studio that produces Exceptional Quality Motion Graphics, 3D Animation and Social Media Content.

Experience a frictionless content production process, trusted by the most innovative companies from Singapore, and the world.

Director’s Treatment, Brand Strategy, Creative Direction. Managed completely end to end by our experienced team.


Experts in Infographics & Explainers, Channel Branding, Illustration, Graphic Design, Corporate Identity. Communicate and generate new sales with measurable ROI.

Need to explain abstract concepts, or create a slick product video? We do Modelling, Animation and Rendering of CGI.

We handle TV Commercials, Chroma Key VFX Shoot, Corporate, Product & Testimonial Videos, from start to finish.

Video Editing, Da Vinci Colour Correction, and Audio Post. A complete video production solution, engineered for your company’s growth.

We handle Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Social Media Management, SEO & Google Adwords. We deliver a tonne of buzz, visibility and ROI.



Problem. Benefit. Solution. We work with brands of all sizes to clarify their business goals, find their voice, and understand their customers with empathy.


We develop a plan, designed to move the needle for our clients, and build experiences that resonate with their customers.


With the power of creativity, we brainstorm for the most inspiring solutions to solve complex brand problems.


We manage the projects to the highest level, in motion graphics, 3d, video production, and complete them in a timely, efficient manner.

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About Us

Founded in 2005, CRITICA’s work has achieved recognition for its forward-thinking and design excellence with over 30 design awards and publications at the local and international level.

Our design trajectory and ethos of our company are rooted in balancing both the experimental vision and the practicality of the solution.

If you are looking to start a tech startup in the Fintech, DeFI, Edu, Medical, Crypto & Blockchain industry, we offer a Startup Starter Kit Package.

It comprises an identity and branding toolkit, website and product explainer video.

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