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Ch U | Channel Rebrand

About This Project


A unique and outstanding identity is what every channel wants. It represents what they stand for and all that they can provide. We at Critica seek to help clients achieve their marketing objectives, while pushing creative boundaries and staying true to our modern and edgy aesthetic.

Inspired by the U shape, a ramp became the main element of fun, excitement and kinetic energy. This common object is reminiscent of rollercoasters and playground slides, which generates adrenalin rush and a sense of pure enjoyment. Ramps were incorporated into a variety of different designs for the channel graphics, along with coloured balls that are synonymous with the circular logo. This family of balls display different characteristics based on the programming blocks they represent, such as Variety, Drama, Japan-Korea Wave and many more.

Using the force of gravity, the balls roll, gaining kinetic energy, as they bring life and dynamism onto the scene. A mundane white landscape is populated with the colour and vibrancy of these balls, representing Channel U’s ability to liven and enrich a viewer’s day with their presence.

By working with the logo, tying it closely to the channel branding and giving it a fresh and flawless finishing, this has developed into a strong identity that can stay modern and relevant for the many years ahead.


3D, Channel Branding