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Channel 8 | Brand Idents

About This Project

Commissioned by : Channel 8
Vice President Branding & Promotions: Paul Chan
Creative Director: Danny Loh
Senior Director: Ryo Leong

Production: CRITICA
Channel 8 Actors/Actress: Dai Yang Tian, Ann Kok, Jeanette Aw, Joanne Peh, Elvin Ng, Qi Yi Wu, Paige Chua, Zhou Ying
Director: Xavier Oon
Producer: Cherie Chong
Production Assistant: Nadia Tan
DOP: Yean
Audio Design: Adam Lee
Makeup: Jermaine Lim
Makeup and Hair: Fionna Lau
Hair: Dexter (Passion Hair Salon)
Hair: Nigel (Passion Hair Salon)
Makeup: Elain
Hair: Reno Singh
Fashion Designer/Stylist: Yuliana Tanadi
Post Production: CRITICA
3D: Ando, Dominic Erland, Dionicius


The number 8, made out of 2 circles, 1 reflecting upon the other. Our concept for Channel 8 aims to emphasize on the personal connection an audience has towards the channel. We believe that an audience’s life is reflected through the personalities, places and stories portayed in Channel 8 drama serials. Think “You, me and us”. Our daily lives are depicted in the dramatic twists on television, hence the strong connection towards them.

On top of the personal connection towards dramas, audiences enjoy the local current affairs update through the daily news. This highly educational and informative news program keeps Singaporeans up to date as to what has been happening locally.

We believe that such programs on Channel 8 has brought, not only the reflection of local Singaporeans lives on television, but a strong connection towards a strong base of family-oriented values we dearly hold on to.