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Set One | Channel Rebrand

About This Project


The guiding concept of this design is “Flow”. Based on the shape of the ‘S‘ in SET logo, we used the flowing motion of the S to be the main driving force in the concept.
Flow” conveys the idea of focused moving energy, which is part of the audience’s experience when watching SET One, a channel dedicated to exclusive Asian entertainment programmes.
A positive emotion of spontaneous joy is a hallmark of flow, where feelings of excitement are generated. The target audience experiences the thrill of seeking out the hottest stars, the excitement of following highly rated dramas as well as the anticipation of viewing the latest episodes. Through the visual energy and youthful vigour of the graphics, we hope to reinforce the experience of the target audience.
Conceptually, “Flow” also sums up the ongoing trend of Asian entertainment circulating within the region. There is an exchange of programming, as well as a surge in interest and desire to seek out the most current shows, propelled especially by a young and lively audience. Our visual idea will convey this active and youthful movement.
Overall, the concept uses a modern and regional take on the wave image that is often associated with the Korea and Japan region, while projecting the image of energy, exclusivity and excitement.


3D, Channel Branding