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About Us

We partner with our clients to deliver creative content in all forms for today’s digitally connected world.


We work with brands of all sizes to clarify their business goals, find their voice, understand their customers and analyse their competitors.


We develop a plan, designed to achieve a long-term aim for our clients, to build experiences that resonates with their customers.


With the power of creativity, we brainstorm for the most inspiring solutions to solve complex brand problems.


We manage the projects to the highest level, in motion graphics, 3d, video production, and complete them in a timely, efficient manner.

Who We Are

Founded in 2005, we are a integrated creative studio that focuses on the power of design, art and technology, to tell stories and produce memorable experiences.

For over a decade we’ve been at the creative vanguard, solving problems for the world’s most influential brands. Our work has achieved recognition for its forward-thinking and design excellence with over 30 design awards and publications at the local and international level.


Our design trajectory and ethos of our company is rooted in balancing both the experimental vision and the practicality of the solution.

Committed to our clients, our people and telling great stories, CRITICA continues to evolve as a go-to resource for brands, tech companies, advertisers, channels that demand standout visual content.

We value our associates, families and clients, who are critical to our success. We especially appreciate our associates’ commitment to the Company, and in return seek to provide opportunities for them to develop.

Process & Style

Collaboration with our client plays a central role in each project, coupled with our track record and reliability,  our service oriented project managers strive to produce impactful digital productions for richer and powerful narratives for your brand and beyond.

Speak with us here.

Motion Design
3D Modelling, Animation & VFX
Video Production

"We’ve worked on several projects with Critica such as event videos as well as product and cooking videos. We are very pleased with their work as they have been truly professional and most importantly, provided expert advice and solutions to our requests. Keep up the good work!"

Kathy Tay, Bosch

"Critica can be trusted to deliver good design within deadline always. They understand what the client wants, and are very adept to changes needed. It is a pleasure to work with them."

Susan Lee, Sony Pictures

"Critica creates and deliver top quality creative and is a partner that we work with regularly because of the dedication they have put into our projects. They have won us several accolades & awards too!"

Ida Tan, Nickelodeon

"The animation created by Critica is visually engaging and audiences find our explainer video very useful in understanding the subject matter."

Abdul Rahman, Nanyang Technological University

Finished Projects


Satisfied Clients




Terabytes of Data


Creative Conceptualisation

Director's Treatment, Brand Strategy, Creative Direction

Motion Graphics

2D Animation, Infographics & Explainer, Channel Branding, Illustration, Graphic Design, Corporate Identity

Post Production & 3D

3D Modelling, Animation, Lighting & Render, VFX Compositing, Da Vinci Resolve Colour Grading, Video Editing, 3D VR 360

Film Production

TVCs, Chroma Key Studio Shoot, Corporate Presentations, Youtube Live, Viral/Social Media Videos, Product Demos

Audio Post

Sound & FX Design, Music Composition, Voice Over

Our Clients