3D Animation That Inspires.

As you probably already realise, 3D animation can be an engaging form of content marketing in Singapore. The most effective animations evoke emotion from their audience, and as a result, inspire action and drive results for businesses and brands.

To demonstrate just how inspiring this content can be, the team at CRITICA Singapore have brought together some 3D animation portfolio examples below:

  • Mediacorp Jalan Jalan Opening Titles An chroma key live action video composited with 3D modelling, design & animation.
  • Changi Airport Jewel An Instagram Social Media Looping 3D ASMR Video.
  • Morning a 3D product video + Interviews with the Founders of the company.

When you’re promoting your content on small screens like handphones, the best thing you can do is create content specifically for those screens.

By creating a bespoke piece of 3D animation for clients’ brands, we could ensure that the content would show off all the best aspects of their screen, making colours pop and presenting the audience with crisp quality.

Marina Bay Sands 3D Visualisation.©Critica

This videos utilize a massive range of colours, lighting, and depth effects to instantly draw your eyes to the screen, and give you a quick and engaging demonstration of the quality of the animation and rendering.

It reminds us that it’s so important to think about where your video will be shown – and how to make sure your video is optimised for any scenario. This could include posts on social media, big and small screens and mobile.

Well, luckily with animation, fantasy is your friend.

Steven Spielberg
Shell 3D Key Visual ©Critica

It’s amazing what you can achieve with 3D kinetic animation! If this article has inspired you to include 3D animation in your business, please get in touch! CRITICA Singapore are specialists in 3D / 2D motion graphics, explainer videos, live action + 3D animation and we would love to bring your ideas to life!

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