Generative AI Art for Creative Production.

Generative AI art refers to artworks created with the help of Generative Artificial Intelligence models. These models are designed to generate new content, such as images, music, text, or even 3D models, based on prompts.

Generative AI art is an intersection of art and technology, where the creative process involves the collaboration between human artists and machine learning algorithms.

Over at CRITICA Singapore, we use Midjourney & Stable Diffusion Automatic1111 for Generative AI. Below are some images of some Generative AI we have done in our studio.

Key characteristics of generative AI art include:

  1. Novelty: Generative AI art produces unique and original artworks that may not have been created by human artists before. The AI model can generate new combinations and interpretations of artistic elements.
  2. Inspiration and Assistance: Generative AI can serve as a valuable tool for artists, providing inspiration and assisting them in exploring new artistic directions and styles.
  3. Exploration of Styles in Concept Stage: AI models can be trained on diverse datasets from different artists and periods, enabling them to mimic various artistic styles or even create entirely new ones.

Prompt engineering is an iterative process that involves experimenting with different prompts and fine-tuning them to achieve the desired outcomes from the AI model. It requires a good understanding of the AI model’s capabilities and limitations and creative thinking to design prompts that elicit the desired responses.

Face Swap

Use an AI-based face swapping tool to replace the face of your desired person with another person’s face. This could be a celebrity, a friend, or any other individual you choose.

3D Avatars

Use Case: Create your own 3D Character. Explore different poses of a single character, test outfits & styles. Or even create your own AI human as a CG influencer.

If you need additional details about Midjourney or Stable Diffusion AI and wish to create content using this method, contact CRITICA here and we will be happy to assist you.

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