Animated AI | Cosmic Cardio

Moving Generative AI imagery.

Cardio takes on a whole new meaning when you’re navigating the cosmic currents. Alien cardiovascular workouts involve pulsating through the stars, harnessing the energy of celestial bodies to boost endurance. From high-intensity space sprints to weighlifting, these extraterrestrial athletes are proving that heart-pounding workouts can be a universal experience.

DW Openpose

This repository is the official implementation of the Effective Whole-body Pose Estimation with Two-stages Distillation (ICCV 2023, CV4Metaverse Workshop). The code is based on MMPose and ControlNet.

DWPose is used for human whole-body pose estimation. Besides, we also incorporate Openpose with ControlNet, obtaining better Generated Images.

DW Pose is an advanced preprocessor, elevating face, body, and hand tracking capabilities. Tailored for seamless integration with the widely adopted Automatic 1111 platform, DW Pose surpasses Open Pose Full with its heightened precision. Unveiling unparalleled features, DW Pose stands as the preferred choice for meticulous pose tracking.

Facial Tracking: DW Pose excels in the pinpoint tracking of facial features, offering intricate insights into expressions and movements. Ideal for applications demanding precise analysis of facial gestures.

Body Tracking: Setting a benchmark in accuracy, DW Pose monitors body movements and postures with unparalleled precision, effortlessly handling complex poses and overlapping body parts.

Hand Tracking: DW Pose outshines Open Pose Full in challenging scenarios, accurately detecting and tracking individual fingers for lifelike and anatomically precise hand representations.

Comparative Advantages: DW Pose, compared to Open Pose Full, excels in precision, capturing intricate body movements with a focus on hands and fingers. Its adept handling of complex poses ensures faithful representations even in challenging scenarios.

More detailed workflow explanation here.