Moving Generative AI Visuals | Prompt Travel

Travel between prompts in the latent space to make Moving Generative AI Visuals.

Billboards, environmental LED walls, and projection mapping screens can now pulsate with dynamic ever-evolving AI content. LED walls transform into immersive storytelling mediums, engaging viewers on a visceral level.

Whether you are building visitor loyalty, improving journey efficacy, lowering stress levels or stimulating engagement – we enable memorable connections with the environment to change the way people think, feel and behave.

Example of prompts to trigger interpolating the “positive” conditioning (prompts) to make seemingly-continuous image sequence.

Next, the visuals can be upscaled using AI for different output specifications, or loaded on to the next process of After Effects, Editing or Color Grading.

More examples below

Employing narrative as a guiding thread within the surroundings, punctuated by moments of awe to ignite curiosity and wonder, we elevate the overall experience, prompting active engagement and sharing.

More detailed workflow explanation here.

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