Professional 2D Animation Explainer Videos.

Infographics Animated Videos & Explainers are a super practical tool for visualizing data and information that can be difficult to understand for the layman. Visual communication has always been a huge factor in human interaction. Visuals can help relay any message with very little words or none at all.

The key to an effective marketing campaign is to find an 2D animation company that delivers high quality modern illustrations, rather than using cheesy cartoony outdated styles done by inexperienced or novice companies.

Below are some of CRITICA Singapore’s 2D Illustration Animation Explainer works, some of which were done for Fortune500 companies.

  • AIA Insurance Explainer Illustrates the uses of insurance and their different benefits.
  • McDonalds App Explains the information and walkthrough of the New McDonalds App.
  • Halio Glass Explainer on the benefits of Halio Glass Techology.

Illustrated explainers predominantly uses shaded or flat color modern human graphics to create eye popping designs and the use of graphs & charts in interesting forms and shapes, leads you to comprehend data analytics easily.

Not all infographics, need to be about serious information. They can also be fun and entertaining.

2d explainer singapore
IDA Singapore ©Critica
2d explainer singapore
AIA Explainer Video. ©Critica

Animated product walk-through videos are usually used to teach a viewer on how to use an app, website or device. Stunning motion graphic effects and bright, vivid colors will retain viewer attention and instill the instructions into muscle memory via repeated viewings.

Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive.

Walt Disney

The beauty of 2D animation is how flexible it is. Every scene thats shown, can be edited and modified or imagined. A 2D Explainer video can be completely tailored to fit your brand’s marketing objectives.

2d explainer singapore
How to prevent Fires at Home. ©Critica

Character design, environments, transitions, voiceover and music all add together to form an inspiring experience for your audiences on every platform, be it your company’s website, or even Facebook, TikTok, Instagram or Youtube. Voiceovers are often used to guide the viewer through the instructions.

Contact us at to stand out from your competitors and get noticed in an evergrowing crowded media space. CRITICA Singapore are specialists in 3D / 2D motion graphics, explainer videos, live action + 3d animation and we would love to bring your best ideas to life!

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